Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Things are rapidly turning green here on the east coast after much rain.  Here are some lovely things I've found while staying dry in the house...

Katya Trischuk creates Pysanky eggs in addition to being an established artist in Toronto.  You can find her beautifully detailed eggs at her Etsy store, Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

Look at the amazing details!  Each egg is drawn on with wax, then dipped in a color dye, usually the lightest, then more wax and another color and so on.  When the artist is done with the dyes, the wax is melted off to reveal the final design.  

I love the simplicity of this black and white egg.

This sterling silver necklace is available at Just Jayne's Etsy shop.  A darling gift for the Easter basket!

You know I love the whole concept of print at home. It's like instant gratification for those
of us who have so many things going on that a few things slip through the cracks every now
and then. Click on over to Andrea and Katie's Print Your Party Etsy store and you'll have a
file emailed to you. Print, glue and you are done! Andrea and Katie also have a blog where
they share all of their latest creations for celebrations.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring cookie

My mother in law asked me to make some cookies for a friends mom's 100 birthday party.  How amazing it that?  Imagine the things this woman has seen in her lifetime.  Since it's been so beautiful out, I was inspired by the bright green shoots that have been emerging after  long, snowy winter.
Enjoy your day and get out there and soak up some vitamin D!