Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bella Luna

This is one of my favorite stores in Rehobeth.  I always look forward to shopping here because it is a visual smorgasboard.  No matter how many times I walk through the store, I always discover something I haven't seen on my last pass through.
  The displays are just gorgeous.  How about this ferris wheel?
Isn't this chandelier pretty?  I am attracted to the beautiful blue color, and with the little birds on it, I could picture it in a nursery.

Love this vintage party hat!
Fun pom poms on this purse!
There is beautiful jewelry throughout the store, artfully placed, such as this display with a glass cloche.
This little felt house is so sweet.  The store also carried a selection of Eeboo games and coloring supplies.
Bella Luna is located at 127 Rehobeth Avenue. Rehobeth Beach, Delaware.  You can view their website here, and their blog here, or friend them on Facebook!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Holy Hydrangeas!

Oh it's my favorite flower, blooming in abundance in my yard.  I love them so much that I cultivate them so I can have even more!  Below is my favorite white hydrangea.  It's an Annabelle that was given to me in remembrance of my Grandmother.  I love that the flower heads are huge, pure white and don't wilt in the heat.  The flower in the front is probably 8 inches across.

This is the hydrangea that was at our house when we bought it.  I don't know which type it is, but it is a true blue.  When I wasn't sure if we should get the house, this bush is what pushed me over the edge.

This is Hydrangea Macrophylla Blauer Prinz - Notice how large each of the flowers are on the flower head?
Hydrangea Macrophylla Ayesha.  I find the way the petals cup to be really sweet.  I had never seen this particular plant before so I had to snap it up when I saw it on Hydrangea's Plus site.

This hydrangea was a gift to my from my sister in law.  My daughter is thrilled by the pink shade.  I don't know the variety, but it's is pink every year, and more compact than my other plants.
If you are interested in hydrangeas, I highly recommend Hydrangeas Plus.  Their site is very informative and they have many plants to choose from.  What is your favorite flower?