Monday, July 13, 2009

A Bug Party

My son has been into bugs ever since I can remember. He wants to be a "bug scientist" when he grows up.

I saw this amazing Nordic Ware pan and I immediately knew what the theme for his next birthday party would be.

The cakelets were a little challenging to decorate, but well worth the effort! (I was so lucky that my sister was in town to help.) We made a double batch. We spread them with icing and let the sugar fill in the details.

I also picked up some plain cupcakes at our local Wegmans. I found some sweet little sugar bugs online at Fancy Flours.

I found these cute little bug houses at Oriental Trading. Don't they look great on the ribbon clothes line? I filled them with bug erasers, bug finger puppets and temporary bug tatoos.
I found the bug nets on Ebay. I put some sand in galvanized buckets so they would stand up straight. They worked wonderfully as decorations and take home favors.
We had easy games for the kids where they had to forage for toy bugs in the yard, a pinata, and some bug coloring pages to lure them in for the cakelets. Boys and girls alike had a wonderful time at this party.

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Anonymous said...


You are seriously fabulous! I love the bug catchers and the cakelets (just the word cakelets...adore it!)!! I do remember Cole writing all about bugs in his preschool journal. :o)