Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cookies to Celebrate a Birthday

A good friend asked me to make cookies to celebrate his sister's 50th birthday.  I found these champagne flute cookie cutter and couldn't resist them.  I used edible pearls to make the bubbles.  Using more than one size pearl helps the illusion.  I had to incorporate some glitter too!  (Disco Dust, available here.)  I have to share a new find.  PME Lustre Spray.  (You can purchase it at Country Kitchens Sweet Art.)  One quick spray and your icing becomes pearlized and a bit sparkly, but not too much.

Since the party will be around the pool, I tried some summery colors for the rest of the cookies.  these incorporate more of a freeform icing style for the relaxed nature of hanging out poolside.

I ended up spraying all of the cookies with the PME Lustre Spray after I took this photo.  It pulled everything together with a touch of sheen.


J.Black said...

What kind of icing is that? How do you get it so smooth? and how do you do the different colored patterns? they are amazing.

Deborah said...

Hi Jen! I use royal icing. You can google it for various recipes, but basically it's powdered sugar, water and egg whites or meringue powder. The more water you add, the smoother the icing. I'll have to post how to make the patterns, but you put the background color on in icing. While it's still wet, you draw a line in another color. Then you pull a toothpick or cake tester across the line to make each swirl. Thanks so much for the compliments! Deborah

Genevieve Richer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the flutes!!! The pearls add total bling! =)

Deborah said...

Thanks Genevieve! I was excited as soon as I saw the cookie cutters, because I could imagine the bubbles in my mind! Thanks for stopping by.