Friday, September 11, 2009

My Sister is flying across the country...

and we are so exciting to see her! Whenever I have an overnight guest coming to visit, I like to make sure they feel very welcome and at home in our home. A few little unexpected touches are sure to warm their heart.

Nicely folded extra thick towels in white feel fresh and lush. A little gift on top is an idea I learned from my sister. We often exchange new products that are small and easily fit in a carry on bag. Some of our past gifts have been the new Butter nail polish that is formaldahyde free, soaps, cute nail files, a sample of No Frizz by Living Proof. (perfect for the humid east coast!) In this case, it's peach soap by Provence Sante and a sample size No Frizz.

It's nice to have a carafe and glass for fresh water in the guest room. I bought this set a few years ago from Entertaining at Home. Just these small extra touches make your guest's visit more comfortable and extra special. I'm sure they'll know you want them to visit again!


Stephanie Albanese, Photographer said...

What a great sister you are! Can I stay over one night?

Deborah said...

Of course! The B&B is always open!