Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines for Sisters

Way back when my sister and I were in high school we started a tradition of giving each other a little something for valentines day.  (You remember the days when perhaps you didn't have a special someone for that big holiday?)

 My mom would give us each a small heart shaped box of chocolate or a few flowers.  As we got older, Karen and I would send each other a little something at college, maybe a heart shaped frame or charm.  Sometimes it was just a pretty card.  Life has gotten busy and we've sent a lot of pretty cards.  This year, the kids and I made some heart shaped cookies.  We're ready to box them up and ship them across the country.  Hopefully, in time for Valentines day.
We found something really new and exciting for decorating.  It's called Disco Dust!  Can you see in the photos, that it's like glitter for cookies?  Disco dust comes in every color in the rainbow.  I shake it onto wet icing and it stick like glue.  It looks best with just a small amount of glitter, so I iced the cookies and let the dry.  Then, I go back and draw details in with and icing pen or piping bag and add the glitter to that.  It's magical!
Happy Valentines Day to all, and don't forget to share a little love!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, Deb, these are GORGEOUS! Seriously, you need a shoppe. :o) (Though I know what a pain it is to hear someone say that when you're a mom with kids because you're already super duper busy 24/7, LOL! But still, you're fabulous with these awesome ideas!)

P.S. Have you ever heard of SITS? Their address is and it's a blog comment support network. Your blog is so awesome, and people need to know about it. Your ideas are magazine-worthy! You basically just say "hi" everyday in the comment section of the daily post, go over and leave a comment for the featured poster of the day, and then your blog is up to be a featured one if the gals who run it like it (and how could they not?).

Stephanie Albanese said...

Deb, the cookies look beautiful!

Deborah said...

Aw, thanks Kelly and Stephanie! I will check out SITS, I had not heard of them before Kelly. I do need to see about getting the word out about my blog. Thank you!