Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Flower Party

When my daughter turned three, I wanted a girly party for her without licensed characters, so I came up with this open theme.  It is easy to work with and can become pretty much what ever you desire.  Imagine it with all daisies, or a different color theme - it can become more casual or very formal.

This is where the whole party started.  I found the directions to make these flowers on Martha Stewart.  I found some beautiful tissue paper at Michael's Crafts.  I varied the petal edges and which colors were in the center.  I also made smaller flowers for variety.  Here they are hanging from our chandelier.  Some were hung in the corners of the rooms and backs of chairs.  

Here are some of the smaller flowers added to balloons on the front porch.  It's always nice to have something out front so guest know this is where the party is!

I chose orange and pink to go along with the tissue paper flowers,  and incorporated it into the remaining decorations.

We had boys and girls at the party, so I found these sweet little bead kits by Bead Bazaar at Piggy Roo.  They had flowers, butterflies, whales, bugs - something for everyone.  I love the idea that the children will have something creative to do when they get home.

I love to make cut out cookies and decorate them for birthdays or holidays.  Since the beads seemed a little small, I made a bag of cookies for each guest.  I kept them pink and orange to go with the tissue paper flowers.  I found some wonderful luster powder at my local cake decorating shop Bev's Cakes.  The powder is totally edible, and generally is mixed with alcohol and painted onto fondant.  I put mine in a fine sieve and dusted it over royal icing.  It has a wonderful glitter effect.  The luster dust is by CK Products.

My daughter loves brownies and requested brownie cupcakes.  So I made Ghiardelli brownie mix into cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese icing.  I found the little sugar flowers at Fancy Flours.  Take a peek at their site, there are many things to choose from, whatever your theme may be.  The cake stand is by Two's Company.  I found this set at Home Goods.

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Anonymous said...

Those flowers are adorable! I was going to guess Miss Martha. :o) And brownie cupcakes? Swoon! Grace's third birthday party is in about a month and I think I'll be putting your lovely flower idea to good use! She's princess-obsessed, but I love a more creative, open-ended decor for a party. Beautiful ideas, Deborah!