Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

At 6 years old, my son lost his first tooth.  For me, of course it's a reason to celebrate!

 I found some really cute things on the internet.  The printable envelope is so sweet, I found it on  It is easy to cut out and glue together.  The tooth fairy certificate was on the along with many others.  A hint of fairy dust (glitter!) in the envelope added to the excitement in the morning.

We discovered Marilyn Scott-Water's website The Toymaker.  Marilyn has a book out by the same title filled with magical toys you can make out of paper with your children.  Some of them are on her website.  We've filled many rainy days assembling some of her unique paper crafts found there. Above is her tooth fairy gazebo.  The details on it are amazing.

You can find some really inventive things out there, with just a little advanced planning...  I found a stamp of the tooth fairy's postmark on an Etsy store called Terbear Collectibles.  Who would have thought?  What child wouldn't be excited to see a "real" letter from the tooth fairy?  There's just something magical about childhood milestones.  They make us all remember a simpler time in our lives, and bring a smile to our hearts. 

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Anonymous said...


This is too stinkin' cute! I adore your website! Oh my, I'm going to be your blog stalker, LOL! That stamp is too cute. And Cole is six years old?! But he was only one of my three year olds in preschool yesterday...right? I still feel like I should be pregnant with Grace, so I'm never a good judge of passage of time. ;o) Congratulations on lost teeth!