Monday, June 8, 2009

Celebrating the simpler pace of life...

After a weekend of wonderful weather in the 80's, it is Monday again.  The last full week of school for my son begins with field day.  Do you remember your field days?  The day began with the discovery of a turtle in the back yard.  The kids were so excited, and I am anticipating the lazy hazy days of summer and all the bugs, frogs and toads that will be found.  A quick breakfast of Fage yogurt and fresh watermelon on the deck is so good.  Fage is Greek yogurt that is thick and rich. (like sour cream)  It's not overly sweet like regular yogurt and it has more protein.  Better yet, it is preservative free.  I add fresh berries and a little cereal for crunch and I am full until lunch.  

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knott said...

what an inviting summer photo!
thanks for sharing and encouraging EVERYDAY celebrations with us.
: )