Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Present for a wedding or baby shower...

Here's a little something I made for a cousin's wedding.  I've been making paper cutting for years, in the past they were a little more authentic to the pennsylvania german Sherinschnitte.  I would tea dye them and frame them in wooden frames.

This bride is a little more modern, so I stopped over at Pottery Barn and picked up a cream colored frame.  I found some acid free paper in the scrap booking section at Target.  I folded some onion skin paper in half and sketched a patter on one side.  Then I cut the design out with embroidery sissors.  Then, with the cutting upside down, I ironed it flat.  Flip it over and then sketch the words you would like lightly in pencil.

Then with an acid free pen, write the words you would like.  I found a great little pen of acid free glue by Martha Stewart Crafts, perfect for small spaces at Michael's

Center the cutting in the frame and glue it to the acid free paper.  You are done! 

I just love the monochromatic tones for this piece.  It should work well in the bride's new house where she has tone on tone colors in the living area.

Here is another example of a cutting I did for a baby.  (I took out the full name and exact date for privacy.)

 Now for the best part, wrapping!  Would you believe that I found this great ribbon at Old Navy?  It was only 49 cents after the holidays!  I love the way gossamer ribbon catches the light. 

Here's the perfect card by Papyrus fromTarget to top it off. 

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