Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unique Handmade Decorations.

There is something special about a child's first birthday, and one of these crowns is the icing on the cake!  I stumbled upon the Monkey Moo shop at and kept adding items to my favorites.

Doesn't this crown just make you sigh?  It's so fun and pretty.  Just imagine the pictures in a child's baby album with this little beauty on. 


Monkey Moo, over at Etsy makes crowns and party decorations that are sweet and fresh.  

She makes delightful banners.  Here's one that says Make a Wish.

I think the cupcake toppers are my favorite.  They really dress things up.

How about these sweet little bunnies for a baby shower?  I also love the idea of the cookies instead of cupcakes.  French Style Macaroons?

Donna also makes personalized banners, invitations and will customize colors upon request.  Visit her shop on Etsy soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Deb, Ed's not going to be happy with me after seeing this post, LOL! Grace's 3rd birthday party is this upcoming weekend and I now have loads of new ideas...


P.S. GORGEOUS hydrangeas on your July 4th post!

Deborah said...

Thanks Kelly! I love planning kids parties. So much fun!